Organic Pharmacist® Jamaican Black Castor Oil


Organic Pharmacist® Jamaican Black Castor Oil




Castor oil is pressed out of castor plant seeds under high pressure. This method is called cold press method, and it is used because heat will kill the essence of the oil. It is a yellow liquid in crude form and when refined and purified it becomes a clear liquid. Clear castor oil is not the best because it has been bleached and contains chemical additives such as fragrances and mineral oils. 

BLACK CASTOR OIL is made from roasting the castor seeds first, pressing oil out from the roasted seeds, and then adding the left over ash from the roasting process into the castor oil, and this is called JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL because this practice started from the country Jamaica.
Black castor oil is very good for hair and for skin. The benefits include:

For Hair:

-Increase hair growth due to its increase of blood circulation to the area. This includes eyebrows, eye lashes, and beards. 
-Repairs and thicken hair that is starting to thin out or fall off especially bald edges, and also prevents further hair damage.
-Deeply conditions and moisturizes hair and scalp preventing dry scalp.
-Helps to cure dandruff
-Boost your hair’s overall health.
For Skin:
– It is a strong emollient that helps to trap moisture in the skin. It moisturised and gives the skin a radiant glow.
– It’s emollient property also makes it useful to treat dry and inflammed skin.
– Treats advanced acne, athletes foot, moles, warts and eczema, it also clears scars.
– Used as first aid in cuts and wounds.
– It has been found to be useful as a topical analgesic in rheumatism and arthritis by massaging it on pain area for 10 mins.

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